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Beautiful Wearable Art

My art is inspired by nature and the experience of things of beauty from around the world and across the centuries. My love of silk and my artistic expression have come together in the creation of this collection of luxurious satin weave 100% silk scarves. They are limited edition art on silk with a certificate of authenticity signed by me, the artist, and presented to you in an elegant gift box. I also have open edition fine wool and silk scarves available for the Autumn/Winter 2022 season.

All my scarves are designed and made in the UK.

I believe, as Keats so beautifully put it, that ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’ - so wrap yourself in art and take the beauty with you.

Luxuriously soft silk satin scrunchie and headband set...

Fine wool silk mix luxury scarf for the Autumn/Winter season. The delicate peacock feather design in golds and greens complements the deep mulberry tone of the scarf.

Peacock Scarf - Mulberry

Peacock Scarf in Mulberry Peacocks roam the streets of the Cotswold market-town of Corsham. Frequently seen near (and sometimes inside) The Corsham Ga...
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Luxury wool-silk neck scarf in royal blue with peacock feather design by Anna Juliet creative. Original art on luxury scarves.

Peacock scarf - Royal Blue

Peacock Scarf in Royal Blue THE INSPIRATION: the peacocks of Corsham, frequently seen near (and sometimes in) the gallery, inspired this warm and ligh...
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A fine wool and silk neck scarf with a peacock feather design on a teal background.

Peacock Scarf - Teal

Peacock Scarf in TealThis beautiful wool silk scarf is perfect for the cooler weather - light but warm, graceful and striking. It can be wrapped aroun...
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