Why my scarves are made in the UK

Why my scarves are made in the UK


I design my scarves here in the UK and wish to preserve the perceived and actual value of UK branding. I know that there is a level of trust associated with purchasing something that is made in Britain. I value that trust and want you to know that my scarves are all designed, created and finished here in England, less than a day’s journey from where I am based near the beautiful city of Bath.

Local expertise.

The kind of expertise and quality of production I want for my scarves is available in the UK - there is no need to look elsewhere. 

As an artist, I desire to create a product of exquisite quality. My manufacturing partners access top-quality materials from trusted suppliers and have state-of-the-art equipment that would be beyond the reach of an individual. I dedicate myself to being creative and developing unique and beautiful art, and collaborate with the specialist skills of others to create luxurious and elegant silk scarves right here in the UK.

High standards.

The United Kingdom has high standards for manufacturing. A specialist partner can gain certifications, which are reassuring to my customers and to me. My manufacturing partners are transparent about their processes and the ethical standards they and their suppliers meet.

Short supply chain.

Keeping the supply chain short is something we have all become more aware of in recent years. I work with businesses that are located not so far from me - less than a day’s journey from the beautiful city of Bath. Arranging production and receiving the completed scarves is simple, fast and local.


I like to partner with a family-run business, rather than a huge enterprise. Then it is possible to know the people you are collaborating with and experience a personal service. Finding the answers I need is so much easier with UK suppliers where I can pick up the phone and talk to someone on first name terms. As a small business owner, I enjoy being able to connect with others on a more personal level.

Fits my ethos.

I prefer to collaborate with smaller companies, especially family-run businesses, where people are creating a legacy for their family and their locality. Supporting the retention of specialist skills in the UK workforce is something I consider to be immensely valuable. It saddens me when companies with a rich heritage close and all those unique skills become museum information rather than living craftsmanship. May those skills long continue to be a living vibrant contribution to our future!